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Thiram 98 tech,fungicide for vegetables,agrochemical manufacturer
Mode of action Basic contact fungicide with protective action. Uses Protective fungicide applied to foliage to control: Botrytis spp. on grapes, soft fruit, lettuce, vegetables and ornamentals; rust on ornamentals; scab and storage diseases on apples and pears; leaf curl and Monilia on stone fruit. Used in seed treatments alone or in combination with added insecticides or fungicides to control damping-off diseases (e.g. Pythium spp.), and other diseases like Fusarium spp. of maize, cotton, cereals, legumes, vegetables and ornamentals. Also used as a bird repellent. Formulation types DP; FS; SC; WG; WP; WS; Liquid seed treatment.
Down:Global agrochemical market to grow 19% in five years
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